Trekking North and Visiting Friends – Lewes to Little Silver

We were up and underway fairly early on June 24th with the plan to get as far up the NJ coast as possible, keeping an eye on some possible afternoon storms.  Going around NJ, there are not many places we could duck in for bad weather – Atlantic City and Barnegat Inlet were our two main options, with the second being preferred as it would make the next leg to Atlantic Highlands more manageable.  The weather held and we were able to get to Barnegat, though it was a dicey entry through the breakwaters lining the inlet due to currents opposing the ocean swell.  With Beyzano having a deeper draft, we had to be cautious to follow charts and keep our eyes on the depth as we snaked our way back to an anchorage.  We found a spot to drop anchor, making sure to check with the neighboring boat (Blue Moon) to make sure they were ok with where we dropped anchor.  While the skies looked ominous, we lucked out and didn’t really get any rain. We made dinner and had a low key evening staying down below in the cabin, knowing we would be up early the next day to make it to our next mooring in Atlantic Highlands.

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Our morning started early on June 25th at Barnegat Light as we made sure to make it to the fuel dock first thing. After our fuel line clog in Annapolis, we were just using one tank (the one without muck), so we made sure to top off frequently. Our exit through the Barnegat Inlet was as challenging as the entrance, with the outgoing tide fighting the incoming swell to make a bumpy ride. Once out of the inlet, the trek was very uneventful as there was very little windy and cloudy skies. Our main excitement was battling the biting flies that had made their way onboard. The true excitement came when we could see the NY skyline as we rounded Sandy Hook to head to Atlantic Highlands mooring field. By this time, the sun had come out and without any breeze, it was quite warm. We contacted the harbormaster for the mooring field, connected to our assigned mooring ball, and then packed up to have the launch take us to shore. For the next two nights, we would be staying on shore with Leigh and Ian McMullan in Little Silver, NJ. Leigh is a good friend from college and we were excited for some time on shore catching up. Leigh and her older son, John, met us at the marina and shuttled us back to their house. Though our visit was short, we were so glad to catch up with the McMullan’s and Abby had a blast playing with John and Andy. Leigh was so kind to re-arrange her plans so we could use her car one day to run errands.

Click on photos for a larger view and more info.

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