Shakedown for our Shakedown

As of June 15th, we are full time living on board Beyzano!  Our summer sail plan is considered our shakedown cruise to make sure we understand the ins and outs of the boat systems before we head into international waters.  We still had a couple of additional repairs that needed to be made before we headed north for the summer, but we wanted to get out on the water for a mini shakedown sail to get everyone back used to being on board and sailing.  Mark and I had taken Beyzano out sailing in late April in heavy winds and during the sail, our genoa had ripped and we had a new one made.  We had never tested out the new genoa so we wanted to get in a good sail on the Bay.  In planning a day sail trip, we had family friends who lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and they had invited us to sail for a visit.  Ashby and Sandra Taylor live off Occohannock Creek, parts of which were a little shallow for us except during high tide.  We left early in the morning on June 16th and had some bumpy seas and good winds to take us across the bay.  Both girls felt a little sea sick and Mollie even got sick, but she napped it off and was a trooper. 

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We were able to navigate up the creek to an anchorage and welcomed Larry and Jerri Wetsel (Mark’s dad and his wife), and Jarrett (Mark’s nephew) and friends on board for a visit.  We then headed to the Taylors’s house for a great afternoon visit.  Ashby and Sandra have worked to restore a house from the Revolutionary War time period and we enjoyed getting the tour and visiting with them  over hamburgers and hotdogs. 

Click on photos for a larger view and more info.

Once back on the boat, we decided we would go ahead and sail back to Deltaville at night so we would be back for repairs early Monday morning.  We left the creek as the tide was rising and had a wonderful night time sail.  Arriving back in Fishing Bay at 1:30 AM, we dropped anchor and settled in for the night.  Repairs were underway early on Monday and we hoped to officially leave Tuesday. 

Click on photos for a larger view and more info.

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