The Crew

Mark – Our captain and the family member who spearheaded our adventure.  While we did make a future goals list that included living on a sailboat at some point in our life, Mark got us moving toward making that goal happen now.  He is a fearless leader who is quick to learn about the boat and its systems.  Having a background as a pilot has definitely transferred well to the skills needed for sailing.

Erin – Admittedly a little anxious about the trip when planning first began, Erin is fully onboard and has prepared by taking sailing courses and learning about systems on the boat.  Growing up in a sailing family, some skills for being on the water were already present but there is always more to learn.  Just before we moved out of our house and onto the boat, Erin left her teaching job to focus on the family and the boat.  She’ll still be working as a teacher as she homeschools Abby this year.

Abby – A fun-loving 6 year old who has adjusted well to living on a boat.  Abby is a big helper on the boat and is anxious to learn new things.  As we packed up to move out of our house, Abby seemed unphased and was excited about the new adventure.  Starting the trip in Block Island is giving Abby the chance to learn sailing and fishing in camps on the island.  Additionally, Abby earned her sea legs when we helped friends take their boat from Bermuda to Tortola, BVI in November 2018.

Mollie – Our incredibly independent 2.5 year old who loves saying ‘Beyzano’!  A stipulation on the timing of our trip was making sure Mollie was potty trained, which she mastered in the fall of 2018.  She loves doing everything her older sister does and seems to be a natural on the water.  Her smile brightens the day and it’s been a ton of fun watching her as we explore new places!

Family dinghy ride in Lewes, DE
Dinner in the cockpit on our way to Port Jefferson, NY