Crown Grant Love

Our plan to move on board Beyzano really got serious as 2019 progressed into spring.  We were selling our house and a lot of our belongings, I was wrapping up work, and we were getting everything together that we needed to live on a boat.  For the past four years, we lived in Crown Grant – an awesome neighborhood in Richmond, VA.  The population in the neighborhood has been turning over, so there were a lot of families with young kids.  Our girls always had friends to play with and the adults had a great time whenever we got together.  While living in our house, we completed a major addition/renovation on the house which gave us an amazing space for hosting our friends for parties. 

In negotiating the sale of our house, we were able to close in May and rent back until June.  The spring was super busy and we had to be completely moved out of our house by June 10th.  We were trying to pack up the house, do work on the boat, and visiting friends on the weekends before we moved on Beyzano full time. 

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As our time in Richmond was closing out, our neighborhood friends threw us an amazing going away party.  Neither Mark nor I are fans of being the center of attention, but we had to put those feeling aside and we were so honored by the love our friends showed us.  The party was even complete with a slide show of pictures from the past four years and a custom boat cake that we cut and fed each other like newlyweds! 

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The girls wrapped up school at West End Montessori in early June. Abby has been attending this school since she was 18 months old, and she has been in an Early Childhood class with Ms. Vickie for the last 3.5 years. Her cycle in the class culminated with a stepping up ceremony as the kids prepared to move on to elementary school. After the ceremony, the girls headed to Williamsburg to spend a week with my parents while we finished packing and preparing.  The girls were thoroughly spoiled and got in some quality time with Granny and Granddaddy before we headed off for the summer. 

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Our last days in Crown Grant were super stressful and we would not have been able to get moved out on time if it had not been for the help of our neighbors.  We still needed to do more things in Richmond even after we were out of our house and our great neighbors opened their doors and guest rooms to us!  Once we finally got ourselves to the boat and settled with the girls in Deltaville, we had a final visit from two neighbor families – some quality pool time, lunch, and a dinghy ride for the kids. We will miss our neighborhood friends and look forward to visiting with them in the future!

Click on photos for a larger view and more info.

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