The Journey (Slowly) Begins

By Mark – April 16, 2019

The countdown has commenced: the boat is in the water, our house is under contract, and the purging of possessions by sale, donation, or trash can has begun.  I am in the scorched earth camp, just get rid of it all.  Erin, who is no pack rat, has some sentimental feelings toward some furniture as well as other possessions, so we will be utilizing some pods for storage.  Our house closes on May 15th, but we requested to rent back the property till June 10th and the buyers agreed.  This allows the kids to finish the school year and more time to square away our belongings, get the boat prepped, and packed for the journey. 

Our plans is to depart June 10th, weather depending, and head north up the Chesapeake Bay, through the C&D canal, down the Delaware Bay, around Cape May, head up the New Jersey coast, past the Statue of Liberty to go into Long Island Sound via the East river, and then straight on to Block Island.  Wow, writing all that down just makes it seem a bit more daunting, but this is why we will just take it one day at a time.  I heard someone ask a trucker if it is difficult to drive all the way across the country.  He said, “I don’t drive across the country.  I drive from Atlanta to Mobile, Mobile to Birmingham, Birmingham to Dallas, Dallas to Albuquerque, Albuquerque to Phoenix, and then Phoenix to Los Angeles.  No one could drive from Atlanta to Los Angeles, it’s too far.” 

And really this points to how were are going to conduct the entire trip.  This summer we are going to be in New England, then we’ll layover in VA to wait for the end of hurricane season before heading to the Bahamas for winter 2019-2020.  In planning where we will be, we don’t know when we are going to arrive or how long we are going to stay in each place.  This is partially because we are dependent on mother nature’s cooperation.  More important is how everyone in the family is feeling about the trip.  If we are loving an anchorage or town, then we will stay longer.

As for the next 2 months, the pain of packing up a house and moving is upon us and I am pining for June 10th.

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